Broken Spring

Broken Spring Repair

Is the garage door at your home or office not opening fully? Is your car trapped in your garage and you cannot get it outside? It can be due to your garage door broken spring repair.

Garage door repair is what makes the garage door go upward and downward. Due to regular use, springs can break causing your garage door to get trapped in closed position.

If replacing a garage door spring, it is imperative that the garage doors spring is of the right size for the garage door and has proper tension. We are able to provide and install springs that can fit in your specific garage door whether residential or commercial. A broken spring is not the only issue you can face with your spring, correct spring tension also is vital for the efficient functioning of your garage door.

If the spring’s tension is wrong, then it may cause the motor force setting to activate, avoiding your garage door form closing and opening.

Spring tension affects lots of other elements of your door too. If tension is faulty, then it can put sprain on the motor speeding component wear and even cause cables to be slack, move their position and become useless.

If you have issues with a garage door spring, call us today for honest and helpful advices on how to best fix your spring.

Why choose Us?

  • We carry a variety of different springs so that we can fix most of the garage door springs on the spot, means less down time.
  • Priority appointments available
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  • Affordable prices